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Supplier Registration

Special Conditions:

  • Please note that all information will be treated confidentially.
  • Applications that are incomplete or that are not are not accompanied by the required documents will be disqualified.
  • The included checklist should be completed ensuring completeness of the application.
  • Completed application forms should be posted to or hand delivered at the above mentioned address.
  • The Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation’s service provider database will be based mainly for the purposes of identifying entities that can be approached when price quotations for goods and services are to be invited.
  • The fact that an entity is registered as a supplier does not constitute any contractual relationship between the entity and the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME).
  • For procurement above the financial limit applicable to price quotations, as determined from time to time by National Treasury, DPME will normally invite competitive bids by means of advertising in the Government Tender Bulletin.
  • The onus is on the entities to ensure they obtain copies of the bidding documents that are available at DPME when bids are advertised.
  • It is the responsibility of a registered entity to inform DPME immediately in writing of any changes in the particulars as stated in the application, especially changes in respect of the HDI equity ownership and the SMME status of the entity.
  • Should a contract be awarded to an entity based on incorrect particulars on HDI/SMME status of that entity, DPME shall have the right to, in addition to any other remedy that it may have in terms of the Preferential Procurement Regulations, cancel the contract and to claim damages.
  • DPME reserves the right to cancel the registration of any entity if that entity has given incorrect or false information in the application form or any correspondence relating to the application:
    • Failed to inform DPME of any changes of the particulars as furnished in the application
    • Failed to comply with the conditions of any contract that might have been awarded to the entity
    • Failed to respond on requests for price quotation
    • The entity being blacklisted by National Treasury
    Or if the entity has acted in an improper, fraudulent or corrupt manner


 Fraud Alert

Over the past four years a number of companies have lost tens of thousands of Rands due to alleged fraudulent request for quotations (RFQs) and orders, supposedly from government departments.
The fraudsters would send a fictious RFQ from what would seem to be a governmental email address, use a fake RFQ form with a logo and contact details of the contact person. These requests are usually "urgent" and the whole process is concluded within a short space of time. During this process the "SCM officials" will be in contact with the unsuspecting service provider until the goods are delivered either outside the building or at an agreed address.
Companies are therefore advised to verify all the RFQs and orders by calling the respective departments using the Departmental contact details listed on their respective webistes to verify authenticity prior to responding to any RFQs or orders to avoid falling prey to these fraudsters
The Department of Planning, Montoring and Evaluation would like to warn the prospective suppliers / bidders about an alarming scam which is currently circulating which seeks to request suppliers to submit quotations to the Department or charge a non-refundable fee for supplier registration forms, quotations or tender documents. The DPME does not charge any fees for supplier database registration forms, quotations or tender documentation; therefore all prospective suppliers / bidders are cautioned to contact the DPME when they suspect any scam​ as well as whem fictitious purchase orders placed for goods or services and DPME's name is being used.
The below documents are fraudulent:
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