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 Scam alert

Over the past four years a number of companies have lost tens of thousands of Rands due to alleged fraudulent request for quotations (RFQs) and orders, supposedly from government departments.
The fraudsters would send a fictitious RFQ from what would seem to be a governmental email address, use a fake RFQ form with a logo and contact details of the contact person. These requests are usually "urgent" and the whole process is concluded within a short space of time. During this process the "SCM officials" will be in contact with the unsuspecting service provider until the goods are delivered either outside the building or at an agreed address.
Companies are therefore advised to verify all the RFQs and orders by calling the respective departments using the Departmental contact details listed on their respective websites to verify authenticity prior to responding to any RFQs or orders to avoid falling prey to these fraudsters

​The Department of Planning, Montoring and Evaluation would like to warn the prospective suppliers / bidders about an alarming scam which is currently circulating which seeks to request suppliers to submit quotations to the Department or charge a non-refundable fee for supplier registration forms, quotations or tender documents. The DPME does not charge any fees for supplier database registration forms, quotations or tender documentation; therefore, all prospective suppliers / bidders are cautioned to contact the DPME when they suspect any scam as well as when fictitious purchase orders placed for goods or services and DPME's name is being used.



 Tips and clues

  1. Before one can even verify the sender's email address. Why in the world would the Department of Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (DPME) need drill bits? This is a red flag!
  2. The DPSA simply deals with the public sector i.e. Civil Servants across the government sectors. The department is more human resources orientated and drilling and heavy equipment are all totally not part of the department's functions or mandates.
  3. To save your ti​me and data it would be wise to then check the senders email address, and not what is just shown in block letters. Moving your curser on the senders name simply reveals the hidden email address.
  4. ​The senders address is email addresses read as follows  This is a red flag!
  5. ​The DPSA is a government department in South Africa ( and not an organization.
  6. Sammy Ndaba is just a name the scammers have made up.
  7. The telephone number given is just a number diverted to a cellphone where the scammers will mostly like have a lady pretending to be at the DPME answering all calls. These are normally people desperate for a jobs being used by the scammers to fool the public.
  8. The fax number given is just an online faxing facility registered by the fraudsters. A genuine government fax number will begin with the 012 area code for the Pretoria area. the 012 code will then be followed by 336 and then four more digits in consistency with the  office location within Pretoria. For their own landline number, the scammers gave a number that is not constant with government phone listings. This is a red flag!
  9. If you decide to open the attachments. The image of the drill and the mention of mining simply blows the cover and you can then ask yourself, why is the request not being mage by the mining department of public works at the most. The truth is that both departments do not procure such equipment.  This is a red flag!
  10. The stamp on the RFQ is only a desperate move from the scammers to try and make this bogus email seem legit.


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