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This site provides insight on the national evaluation system. Government is taking forward evaluations to improve government’s performance and development impact, accountability, decision-making and to widen the knowledge base around government’s work. In 2011 Cabinet approved the National Evaluation Policy Framework which set the foundation for the NES and the implementation of the National Evaluation Plan, an annual evaluation plan that is approved by cabinet focusing on strategic evaluations of important government programmes. All evaluations in the NEP are implemented through partnerships with the custodian departments who have committed to implementing improvements to programmes and policies informed by evidence generated through the evaluations.

The first National Evaluation Plan was developed in 2012/13, has the strategic priorities for evaluation for the financial year and was approved by Cabinet on June 2012. The second National Evaluation Plan for 2013/14 was approved in November 2012. The Third National Evaluation Plan for 2014/15 was approved by Cabinet on 4 December 2014.

The national evaluation systems is led by the Evaluation and Research Unit (ERU) of DPME and supported by a cross-government Evaluation Technical Working Group. In this site there are over 18 approved guidelines and templates, evaluation standards, competencies for evaluators and government staff managing evaluations and a suite of courses that have been developed to support the system. The site also provides a link to a repository with evaluations carried out across government since 2006 that have been through a quality assessment process.

A total of 38 evaluations are currently in the system, either completed, underway or starting and will be going to Cabinet during the 2014/15 financial year.

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