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Mr Jackson Mthembu
Minister on the Presidency

​​South Africa remains with 10 years to reach the 2030 target set by the National Development Plan (NDP). Despite progress in several areas over the last 25 years, South Africa is still defined by severe inequality in areas such as ownership and control of assets, income, employment, skills, health care, education, housing, land, transport and spatial access to economic opportunity. This inequality still reflects the racial and gender fault-lines of our apartheid past. The Sixth Administration of the South African government considers the next five years as the era of Khawuleza, that is, an era defined by working together to implement the deliverables, as per the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) 2019-24.


The Presidency has a critical role to play in galvanizing the whole of government and society towards the vision articulated in the NDP. Urgent measures are required to fast track the realisation of the NDP Vision 2030. The country has entered an era of implementation, which will catalyse South Africa on a faster trajectory to defeat the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment. Government's MTSF 2019-2024 is the planned manifestation of an implementation of the NDP Vision 2030, and the implementation of the electoral mandate of the Sixth Administration of government. It lays out the package of interventions and programmes that will achieve outcomes to ensure success in achieving Vision 2030.


The economic, technological, climatic and political changes and insecurities affecting all regions of the world have contributed to migration and displacement of people, with an increase in the scale of international migration. This has manifested itself in the large numbers of internally displaced persons, refugees and economic migrants. This calls for a coordinated response by all countries on the African continent and in the broader international community.


The measur​es to transform the economy must be strengthened. This demands the implementation of policies on economic redress in a manner that is truly broad-based, and inclusive of workers and communities where our enterprises are located. Government will act with renewed determination to stabilise and rebuild State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), in order for them to serve as catalysts to investment and the provision of economic and social infrastructure.


Transforming South Africa into a developmental state requires building critical and necessary capabilities to foster an environment, which mobilises government and nongovernment contributions to realise changes in the socioeconomic structure and the culture of society. In the next five years, government will prioritise the engagement between the leadership of the executive, legislature and judiciary on strengthening governance and accountability. During this period, government further commits the state to manage the politicaladministrative interface more effectively, reduce the levels of fraud and corruption in the private and public sectors, and rationalise the public service governance system.​

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