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South Africa will this year celebrate the centenary of the birth of Oliver Reginald Tambo. Oliver Tambo was born in the Nkantolo village outside Mbizana in the Eastern Cape on 27 October 1917.

He is the late former President of the African National Congress and one of the key founding fathers of South Africa’s liberation and constitutional democracy.

The centenary celebrations will take place under the theme “Life and Legacy of OR Tambo and are expected to run until December 2017. The celebrations will be used to draw lessons from his life and understand the qualities that made him succeed in uniting the ANC.

Tambo was the longest ever serving president of the ANC from 1969 to 1991. He has been described by President Jacob Zuma as a “solution oriented leader who always sought to move forward on the basis of building consensus”.

President Jacob Zuma last year established an Inter-Ministerial Committee to prepare for the centenary celebrations.



The OR Tambo centenary is the celebration of his life.



·  Let’s honour the sacrifices and contributions of OR Tambo towards a free, non-racial and democratic South Africa and  use the centenary celebrations to learn more about the immense sacrifices our struggle icons made so we can live if a democratic South Africa.


OR Tambo was an acclaimed internationalist.



who believes that countries should work together and try to understand each other:

·  OR Tambo mobilised the international community to support our struggle against apartheid. 

·   He also led key processes from the Harare Declaration to the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

OR Tambo laid the foundation for our democracy.



· South Africa is today a constitutional democracy founded on the principles of human dignity and equal rights for everyone because of his leadership.

·  We are building on his legacy to create a society envisaged in the Freedom Charter and Constitution.

·   The world continues to marvel at our transition from pariah state to an admired democracy. 

Let us protect OR Tambo’s legacy.



·   In the spirit of our late icon, OR Tambo let us join together to create a united and prosperous nation as he intended.

·   As government we remain committed to eliminate poverty, unemployment and inequality by 2030 through the National Development Plan.

Let us join hands and move South Africa forward.




·   Government, business, labour and civil society need to work together to create the country OR Tambo envisaged.

·   All South Africans have to play an active role in their communities in improving people’s lives and making sure their elected leaders deliver.



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