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Announcement of the new Statistician General Mr Risenga Maluleke Minister Jeff T Radebe

 Good Morning, Ladies and Gentleman.

 You must all know, as I am sure you do, that by the end of this month, 31 October 2017, Dr Pali Lehohla’s official term of contract will come to an end as South Africa’s Statistician General. This is end of an illustrious era -17 years as South Africa’s Statistician General and another decade in the trenches as Stats SA

Allow me to extend my heartfelt gratitude, thanks and salute to Dr Lehohla. I do so as Minister in the Presidency and on behalf of the entire government of South Africa and all our people. You certainly “brightened up “our day. Dr Lehohla, under your leadership, Stats SA in universally considered as the best national statistics office on the continent. Walking with you at the UN Head Quarters, in the USA recently, and noting how people across the globe recognize you and embraced your efforts, was a lesson in extraordinary commitment and a testimony to your resilience. Thank you. This is a legacy of your tenure at the helm of Stats SA. It was certainly a highly productive and exceedingly exciting time we shared together. Thank you for that too. We are preparing a function, befitting you contribution – the details will follow soon.

At the last Cabinet Meeting that was held on Wednesday, 18 October 2017, it was agreed that the time is upon us to bring “new hands on deck’’ to chart the next phase in the history of the evolution of Stats SA. These are exciting times, indeed.

It therefore gives me the singular honor and pleasure to inform you and to announce, formally, the appointment of Mr Risenga Maluleke as the new Statistician-General of South Africa and the Head of Statistics South Africa (Stats SA).

I am indeed happy to announce that Mr Risenga, with all his passion, commitment and institutional memory will serve to continue the journey of ensuring that Stats SA delivers on its historic journey of making the institution the pre-eminent conduit of trust. Mr Maluleke, it was said, that statistics is a conduit of trust, and only those who can be trusted should be its stewards and custodians. This is now the baton that the entire South Africa passes on to you.

Mr Maluleke is a blue blooded Stats SA employee, in character and it conduct. He joined Stats SA twenty years ago, in 1997 and has served in various leadership and management roles, having joined the organization as a Provincial Manager for the Limpopo Provincial Office.

For the past nine years, he has been a Deputy Director General (DDG) for Statistical Collections and Outreach. The portfolio he managed included Provincial Offices (Responsible for data collection for censuses and sample surveys), International Statistical Development as well as Communications, Marketing and Stakeholder Relations.

Mr Maluleke holds a Master’s Degree from the Centre for Regional and urban Statistical Explorations (CRUISE), from the University of Stellenbosch; a Bachelor of Science  Degree (Mathematical Statistics), from the University of Limpopo, as well as Senior Leadership Certificates from Wits University and the Harvard Business School.

Mr Maluleke has actively participated in and led the transformation agenda for statistics not only in South Africa but on the African Continent through his active engagement and chairing various global fora on statistical development on the continent and the rest of the world.

He continues drive the positioning of official statistics – as an independent function – within the planning apparatus of our country. This is in line with commitment to evidence-based policy formulation, as encapsulated in South Africa’s lodestar, the National Development Plan

At an international level, he has been instrumental in managing Stats SA participation in international meetings such as the United Nation’s Statistical Commission. He has also represented Stats SA on emerging issues such as “Big Data” and its inherent programs of “Data Revolution” in support of indicators for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Africa’s very own “Agenda 2063”. Mr Maluleke is indeed a well-rounded intellect, a grounded statistician and has been a committed public servant for all of his working life.

He takes office on 01 November 2017 and we wish Mr Maluleke and the entire Stats SA management team well in their endeavour to continue deliver official statistics that our country needs. As I wish Maluleke all the very best, let me remind him, that the now steps into the “yellow suit “and the “blue suede shoes “of no less a person than the formidable outgoing Statistician General, Dr Pali Lehohla

We pride ourselves that Stats SA, as our national statistics agency, continues to have the independence and freedom to exercise its professional will and to illuminate issues as they are in our society. Long may it last!

 I thank you.

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