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Transport Month in October 2019 will be hosted under the theme: Together Let's Keep the Service Delivery Momentum Going and Grow the Economy." During this month government and specifically the Department of Transport and its entities will showcase major investments in transport infrastructure to ensure that South Africans have safe, reliable, affordable and convenient public transport.


The month will also be used to further create awareness of the economic benefits of the sector and promote road safety. Our investments in the transport sector are aimed at stimulating development and creating jobs. These investments will ensure that we build an integrated public transport network across the country.


Our investments in rail, roads and public transport is changing the way people access their places of work, study and entertainment. These investments will also help to grow our economy, and address the challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality.


The performance of the passenger rail service is being improved.

  • We have established a war room to address challenges in the passenger rail environment.
  • It is supported by a technical task team of experts from rail operations, signalling, rolling stock, security, business process, engineering and modelling.
  • The war room allows for rapid decisions based on information gather from operations on the ground.
  • Since the launch, we have seen an improvement in Metrorail's performance including more train trips running on time.


The modernisation of the rail network system is being fast tracked.

  • Government's modernisation programme is focussed on upgrading the current rail infrastructure across the country.
  • The modernisation programme focusses on local manufacturing of parts and maintenance, along with the establishment of training facilities and skills development.
  • Since the launch of the programme, the construction of the new local factory in Dunnottar has been completed and manufacturing began in January last year.
  • To date carriages for six trains have been manufactured while carriages for 20 trains are earmarked for this financial year-end.
  • From April last year, four locally built trains have been delivered to PRASA by the new factory in Dunnottar.


Government is committed to professionalise the taxi industry.

  • The taxi industry transports about 15 million commuters per day.
  • We have revised the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme to meet the needs of commuters and to grow the industry.
  • The programme was devised to ensure that vehicles used to ferry commuters meet the required safety standards.
  • The first phase of the recap programme was launched in 2005 and to date more than 72,000 unroadworthy vehicles were removed from the roads.


Our investments in transport are changing lives.

  • Government is developing an integrated public transport system that will make it easier for people to move around.
  • Billions of rand have been invested in the implementation of Integrated Public Transport Networks (IPTNs) and the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme. (TRP)
  • The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system links thousands of commuters with their place of work through a fast, safe and cost-effective daily service.
  • New phases of the project, which includes the introduction of a Bus Rapid Transit system will be launched this year with buses operating in townships.
  • The Integrated Public Transport Networks will be extended to new areas in Mbombela, eThekwini, Rustenburg, Polokwane and Mangaung.
  • About R13 billion has been set aside to build roads across the country and through these projects, we aim to create 20 000 full time jobs over the next three to five years.
  • We will also roll out a new model of road maintenance through SANRAL comprising of 130 projects targeted.


The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act will reduce road fatalities.

  • The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act will help address reckless and negligent driving on our roads. 
  • It is in line with government's commitment to reduce high road fatalities and road carnage.
  • The Act sets up the points demerit system, along with the creation of rehabilitation centres for habitual infringers.
  • The demerit system will see each driver starting on zero points and earning a certain number of demerit points for each traffic violation.
  • Once a driver has reached 12 points their licence will be suspended.
  • There must be a radical change of behaviour if we are to reduce high road fatalities and road carnage.


We are addressing corruption and the function of the driving licencing testing centres.

  • Government is working with law enforcement agencies to investigate the illegal issuing of learners and driving licences and roadworthy certificates.
  • The anti-corruption unit of the RTMC together with the HAWKS have made 95 arrests in connection with bribery, corruption and fraud at testing centres and on the roads.
  • Government has adopted a zero tolerance approach to the fight against all corrupt activities either in the public or private sector, and calls on citizens to do the same.
  • The fight against corruption is a priority of government that is receiving attention at the highest level.


Government is investing in transport infrastructure to support the economy.

  • We continue to implement programmes aimed at economic empowerment, skills development and job creation.
  • We are committed to ensuring that all sectors of society can participate in the construction and bus industry, the rail sector, aviation as well as in the oceans economy.
  • The aviation industry has adopted a multi-pronged approach to mitigate the slow pace of transformation of the industry.
  • A bursary programme is in place aimed at providing opportunities, especially for the previously disadvantaged youth to enter the aviation industry.
  • Twenty-seven students participated in the programme during the past financial year.

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