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FSDM Case Studies

The FSDM programme case studies are based on good practices that are identified during monitoring visits and during the analysis of the facilities findings. Good practices can be based on all or any of the eight ‘key performance areas’, namely: location and accessibility; visibility and signage; opening and closing times; queue management and waiting times; dignified treatment; cleanliness and comfort; safety; and complaints and compliments system. Case studies can also be written about the five (5) strategic ‘levers’, which can be assessed either on their own or as related to the performance areas, namely: leadership and empowerment; improvement and innovation; staff and stakeholder involvement; policy impact/norms and standards; and operational systems. 

Once a facility is identified, the DPME, together with the relevant Offices of the Premier develop mini case story reports. The mini reports are placed on the DPME website as a platform for sector departments, public facilities and Offices of the Premiers to learn from and share with the facility in reference. Case studies benefit the citizens – in knowing what good services they can receive from a public facility, and policy makers – in taking lessons from the reference facility and applying them to other public facilities in ensuring that the quality of services delivered in all public facilities is improved.

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