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NEP 2014/15


1. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Environmental Governance in the Mining Sector (EEGM)

2. Design Evaluation of the Policy on Community Education and Training Colleges (PCETC)

3.Impact/Implementation Evaluation of the Social Housing Programme (SHP)

4.Evaluation of the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Policy (IKSP)

5. Diagnostic Evaluation/Programme Audit for Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC)

6. Economic Evaluation of the Incremental Investment into the SAPS Forensic Services (SAPS)

7.Implementation Evaluation of the Ilima Letsema Programme and cost-benefit analysis of the revitalisation of existing Irrigation Schemes

8. Impact evaluation of Micro-Agricultural Financial Institution of South Africa (quantitative) including establishing a baseline:

9.Policy Evaluation of Small Farmer Support

10.Evaluation of the Funza-Lushaka Bursary Scheme

11. Evaluation of National School Nutrition Programme

12. Impact evaluation of Land Restitution Programme (quantitative) including establishing a baseline

13. Impact/implementation evaluation of the Management Performance Assessment Tool (MPAT) system

14. Impact/implementation evaluation of the Strategic Planning/APP system

NEP 2013/14

1.Quality of the National Senior Certificate (NSC)

2. Implementation evaluation of the Export Marketing Investment Assistance Incentive programme (EMIAI)

3. Impact evaluation of the Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII):

4.Impact Evaluation of Technology and Human Resources for Industry Programme (THRIP)

5.Military Veterans Economic Empowerment and Skills Transferability and Recognition Programme:

6. Implementation and outcomes evaluation of the National Advanced Manufacturing Technology Strategy (AMTS):

7. Impact evaluation on Tax Compliance Cost of small businesses:

8. Impact evaluation of the Community Works Programme (CWP)

9. Implementation evaluation of the Land Restitution Programme

10. Impact Evaluation of the Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP)

11.Evaluation of Micro-Agricultural Financial Institution of South Africa:

12. Setting a baseline for future impact evaluations for the informal settlements targeted for upgrading:

13.Evaluating interventions by the Department of Human Settlements to facilitate access to the city

14. Diagnostic of whether the provision of state-subsidised housing has addressed asset poverty for households and local municipalities:

15. Impact Evaluation of the Outcomes Approach

16. Implementation Evaluation of Government’s Coordination Systems:

NEP 2012/13

1. Impact evaluation of Grade R

2. Nutrition programmes addressing under 5s:

3. Implementation Evaluation of Land Reform Land Recapitalisation and Development Programme:

4. Implementation evaluation of the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme:

5. Implementation/Design evaluation of the Business Processes Services Programme:

6. Implementation Evaluation of the Integrated Residential Development Programme:

7. Design and implementation evaluation of Urban Settlement Development Grant:

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