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DPME offers four courses to departments who have evaluations in the National Evaluation Plan (NEP) and has recently introduced one course targeted at senior managers to improve both demand and use of evidence in decision making. The training offered to departments provides hands on practical learning as the departments implement evaluations.

Course 1 – How to Manage an Evaluation

This course is offered at the appropriate time in the NEP cycle each year to equip departments with the necessary skill to manage their evaluation on the NEP utilising the relevant system. This course is run at national level once the evaluations for the financial year NEP have been selected and with provinces who are deciding to develop their Provincial Evaluation Plans (PEPs). There is an opportunity for provinces to run this course through a co-sponsorship agreement between DPME and the relevant Offices of the Premier.

Course 2 – Deepening Evaluation

This is an intermediary course in the suite of courses offered. The course targets officials who have attended course one and builds on the knowledge acquired in the introductory course; presenting new concepts and expanding on those introduced in course one.

Course 3 – Evaluation Methodology


The National Evaluation Policy Framework (NEPF) identifies five types of evaluations: Design, Implementation, Impact, Economic and Synthesis. Based on these types of evaluations ERU developed guidelines to provide technical guidance to departments on how different methodologies and approaches apply to each type of evaluation. Through the training, departments gain expertise on different research methodologies as they apply to evaluations within the NEPF.

Course 4 – Planning implementation programmes and design evaluation

This training targets programme managers and M&E Units of all national departments, so that they are able to plan implementation programmes effectively, and undertake design evaluations internally.

Course for Senior Managers on Evidence-Based Policy-Making

One of the challenges being experienced in the M&E system is the need to build the commitment of senior managers at Director General, Deputy Director General and Chief Director level to use evidence to improve decision-making and performance. During the financial year 2013/14 a course targeting senior managers in government was designed and piloted with 20 senior managers from 10 departments at national level. The course was a great success and the unit will continue to roll out the training in partnership with Programme to Support Pro-poor Policy Development (PSPPD).

DPME ran a three day training session on evidence-based policy-making and implementation.

DPME ran a three day training session on evidence-based policy-making and implementation at Stellenbosch funded by Programme to Support Pro-Poor Policy Development (PSPPD) and the Department for International Development (DFID), partnering with University of Cape Town (UCT). This was attended by six Director Generals (Departments of Human Settlements, Public Works, Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Justice and Statistic South Africa) and 25 Deputy Director Generals plus other officials. 140 people had applied and 46 people attended the session. There was a very positive response from the course and it is clear that the course is helping to build an understanding of a broader evidence agenda and why monitoring and evaluation is needed for that.

Here is an overview paper on EBPM&I which was presented at the session to view click here

For more information please contact Mr Antonio Hercules

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