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Twende Mbele: South Africa


Twende Mbele is a peer-learning programme on Monitoring and Evaluation in Africa. Benin, South Africa and Uganda are the three founding country partners, joined by Clear AA and IDEV at the African Development Bank. In 2017, Ghana, Kenya and Niger came on-board as collaborators to the programme. Through increasing the demand for monitoring and evaluation, sharing, learning and collaboration Twende Mbele aims to facilitate the strengthening of government performance and accountability to citizens through the use of M&E. In South Africa, Twende Mbele has given focus to the following programmes:

-Baseline study on M&E culture. The purpose of the study is to assess the state of the monitoring and evaluation culture in six government departments by delineating how various M&E systems, attitudes and practices interact with each other to improve performance and accountability with specific focus on policy, approach, concepts, framework and organisational arrangements in the public sector.


- Study to improve Gender responsiveness in National M&E Systems. Governments are becoming increasingly aware of the need to better integrate the social and cultural realities of their national context into their interventions. In order for this to happen, the monitoring and evaluation systems need to be more reflective and take into account: (i) the dynamics emerging from gender differences; (Ii) how public policies implemented affect them and how they respond to them. In most cases, achieving gender equity is a national priority, and this project seeks to enhance the work of monitoring and evaluation to reach gender equity goals.

- Study to improve collaboration between Government and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). Twende Mbele aims to bridge the divide between CSOs and Government to embrace a collaborative approach on improving service delivery, and the use of evidence. This project seeks to strengthen the targeted involvement of civil society organisations in the implementation, sustainability and impact of government M&E systems, contributing to improved government performance and accountability.

- Diagnostic study on the demand and supply of evaluators. The purpose of this diagnostic study is to provide a demand and supply profile of evaluators in South Africa. On the supply side, the aim is to quantify the size and shape of the current country supply of evaluation consultants, including their skills levels, abilities and specialisations, and pricing. On the demand side, the aim is to quantify the current and projected demand for evaluation services, including factors such as requirements for eligibility to tender, opportunities for transformation and the sustainability of the market.


To download the Diagnostic report on the supply and demand of evaluators in South Africa please  click here

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